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Of Mice and Men…and Chipmunks.

 We  closed for a  few days in late September for "maintenance" and headed for the hills. We took the opportunity to do some field research and could  report back that the leaves were nearing peak. We traveled into the Five Pond Wilderness for three nights. Cool, bordering on cold nights, gave way to sunny warm [...]

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The Tupper Triad – Mt Arab.

  The one outdoor  activity we are asked about the most by our  guests has been the Tupper Triad,             "The Tupper Lake Triad is a series of three "Family Friendly" mountains           in the immediate Tupper Lake Area.  They offer outstanding views for     [...]

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Carved in Stone

While wandering around the Adirondacks I am always struck by the shear volume of rock. Rock faces, rock ledges, rock slides, mountains made of rock, waterfalls tumbling over rock.  But mostly it seems trails littered with rock. You can't swing a dead cat, or a live one for that matter,  without hitting a rock.  And [...]

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Camp Santanoni

It's said  that actions speak louder then words, this very well may be  true.    So  I consider that when the questions is asked,   "What is your favorite spot in the Park?"   This is  difficult  to answer as there is much from which to choose  within the  6 million acres that make up the [...]

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I’ll Never Stop Cairn For You

According to Wikipedia: "A cairn is a human-made pile (or stack) of stones. A cairn is so much more then that.  A cairn is a road sign along the trail.   A  marker indicating arrival at your destination.  It can serve as a warning as to some hidden danger.  It can be  a memorial to [...]

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Well, that was a little disappointing.

Fire Towers...F-I-R-E Towers. I have to be honest  you,  I was more then a little bit let down when I saw my first Adirondack Fire Tower.  With a name like that I expected to see a  tower... on fire.  You know flames shooting in the air,  showers of sparks in the night,  that sort of [...]

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That was then, this is now.

When we first looked at the Northwood Cabins we knew that if we purchased the property there would be a lot of work ahead of us, but we were not to be deterred.   Nine small cabins each with their own bathroom, two with kitchens, plus a two bedroom main house. How hard could it be? [...]

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You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.

Our recent Facebook post on the demise of the Grossinger Resort started us thinking about what we have lost here in the Adirondacks.  Before there was Disney World or Six Flags there was;  Frontier Town,  Land of Make Believe,  Sterling Alaskan Fur and Game Farm... "Land of 1000 Animals"  road side attractions that once drew [...]

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Signs, signs, everywhere there’s a sign…

or American Pickers eat your hearts out. The first memory of the Northwood Cabins I have is of the sign.  I passed by this sign since as long as I can remember.  As a  kid the sign at the Northwood Cabins told me that we were almost to Fish Creek, where we would spend the [...]

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