We will begin accepting reservations starting February 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the weather, we are unable to open for the Total Eclipse in April.

Sit back, relax, and discover the Adirondacks with us at Northwood Cabins. Located one mile east of Tupper Lake on Route 30 we are  your gateway to the Western High Peaks.  Enjoy the fresh Adirondack breezes from your own front porch or a peaceful early morning paddle from one of the many boat launches located near us.

Our Adirondack cabins provide a nostalgic experience with all the modern amenities.  The  cabins sleep 2-4 people, have their own private bathroom and all linens are provided.  Also all of our cabins  are equipped with AC/heat, refrigerators,  SMART TV’s  and  Wi-Fi access. Two cabins offer full kitchens and a separate bedroom.

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2 days ago

Northwood Cabins
Thank you to Tupper Lake, NY for pointing out that today is #NationalRetrosignday . While we are well known for our amazing neon sign, we actually found a number of other retro signs on the property. It is actually quite the collection. We have a "$5 a Couple" metal sign. This was painted over an old oil sign as we can see some of the wording under the paint. At that price it has to be close to 90 years old."Reduced Rates" this sign is unique as the paint has broken glass in it. When car head lights would shine on it ,it would glow. We were told this was hung after Labor Day."Information North Pole NY" a sign the good folks at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY would give to motels to advertise."Air Conditioned" A welcome sign on a hot summer day."Breakfast" This we found partially buried out back. We cleaned it up and it now proudly hangs above the Hoosier cabinet where we serve our Continental Breakfast on weekends.You will find more hanging through out the property. There is one that is a future "Retro Sign" It was given to us as a farewell gift when I retired and has hung proudly above the fireplace in the Main House since day one. #vintagesigns #retrosign Just Neon Utica Sign and Graphics ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Northwood Cabins
We first posted this 4 years ago, but it still resonate today.Norman Rockwell and Tupper Lake, NY.Something to reflect upon while you're standing on top of Goodman Mt. on your journey to complete your Tupper Lake TriadWhile it's unlikely that Norman Rockwell ever actually visited you can see how his work reflected an idealized view of a place such as Tupper Lake. After all Rockwell's paintings, most famously done for the Saturday Evening Post are known for his depiction of small town rural America. A homespun goodness that was thought to reflect the essence of places like Tupper Lake. Faith, Family, Country are the themes he returned to time and time again. The irony is that his connection to Tupper Lake occurs in what some believe to be his darkest, yet most powerful work."Murder in Mississippi" is a cover he did for Look magazine in 1965 following his more well known Civil Rights Era work "The Problem We Live With."In this painting he presents the murder of civil rights worker Andrew Goodman (Goodman Mt) and his two companions.Thomas Carson in an article for Vox entailed "The Awakening of Norman Rockwell " (Febuary 26,2020) described it as Rockwell's "... most unsparing picture he ever painted... As unknown today as Problem is famous, Murder in Mississippi was Rockwell’s depiction of the June 21, 1964, killing of civil rights workers Mickey Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney — by Klansmen and local police. ... almost barren... Rockwell struggled with deciding how to portray their final moments, initially including their killers in the frame before reducing them to looming shadows. What stays constant is his depiction of the victims: one dead, one dying, one grimly preparing to meet his fate.Sprawled on the ground, Goodman has already been killed. Schwerner is still standing, his head turned in profile to gaze at his executioners. Linking the two white men is Chaney, who’s been shot once and is on his knees, clutching Schwerner with both hands for support. Schwerner’s right hand has pulled him close in an embrace, tugging up Chaney’s T-shirt to expose his bare back, Rockwell’s way of emphasizing both Chaney’s race and his vulnerability." ... See MoreSee Less
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