Sit back, relax, and discover the Adirondacks with us at Northwood Cabins. Located one mile east of Tupper Lake on Route 30 we are  your gateway to the Western High Peaks.  Enjoy the fresh Adirondack breezes from your own front porch or a peaceful early morning paddle from one of the many boat launches located near us.

Our Adirondack cabins provide a nostalgic experience with all the modern amenities.  The  cabins sleep 2-4 people, have their own private bathroom and all linens are provided.  Also all of our cabins  are equipped with AC/heat, refrigerators,  flat screen TV’s with cable  and have wifi access. Two cabins offer full kitchens and a separate bedroom.

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2 days ago

Northwood Cabins

That would look great in (fill in the blank).

We are always on the look out for "just the right thing" to add to the cabins. In the past we have shared not only the item we've found but also where we found them.

Not this time, while we have already stated the "why" and will gladly share a photo of the "what", the "where" will forever remain our little secret. I believe this is what Mike and Frank at American Pickers on History refer to as a "honey hole"

Two really cool pieces this trip:

First an official poster from the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. It is a multi colored image of a downhill racer. It's as if you are viewing the image through a prism. It appears that this was in a series of posters featuring images of each event. It was a little rough, but a good cleaning and it looks almost like new. It now proudly hangs above the couch in Cabin 4.

The next one is a 1930s vintage DB Smith Indian Fire Extinguisher.

For those of you who don't know, these were and still are used to fight brush fires since the turn of the last century. They hold 5 gallons of water which you then carried on your back with two thin nylon straps. Once you arrived at the fire you would pump water on to the fire by working the handle back and forth. I remember running up hill carrying one of these when I worked at summer camp. We would arrive at the fire usually to find it already extinguished. So...why carry all that water back down the hill when you can just turn on your coworkers, particularly those who carried only rakes and shovels.

These are classic Adirondack items with the bonus that they were manufactured in Utica, NY. Our's needs a new hose and carry straps, but other then that we stand ready to fight any fires that may occur. As long as it is only a five gallon fire.

As for our secret location we're not talking, unless maybe if Danielle called...
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1 week ago

Northwood Cabins

Today marks the mid point of our season, halfway between Tinman and Columbus Day. We didn't need a calendar to remind us of this. It's dark now when the alarm goes off at 5:30, and the sign starts to glow in the fading daylight earlier each evening.

But, there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy. We took advantage of a full house for the weekend to head out early yesterday. We had a little extra time so we headed east, Saranac Lake, Keene, Elizabethtown were fixed in our sights.

First stop was the Adirondack Plein Air Festival in Saranac Lake, we had been tipped off that the Northwood Cabins was featured in one artist's work. This is starting to be a trend as last year we were given a lovely water color which now hangs in the Main Room, as well as on our Facebook Page. Sadly for us even though we arrived as the doors opened the painting was gone...sold. The good news is we hope to be able to purchase a print.

Next stop was the Adirondack History Museum in Elizebethtown. We have tried to go before but as their season ends Labor Day we have been unable to do so. Very nice museum much more then you would expect, updated and well presented exhibits on climbing the 46 High Peaks, Fire Towers of Essex County, Prohibition and Women's Suffrage. There was a whole room dedicated to Art Marco and The Land of Make Believe.

Added plus, you can climb an Adirondack Fire tower. Well worth the drive, but then again the drive itself is the reward.

Stopped in Keene to poke around some of the shops before we headed home...we had a couple of nice folks to check in for the evening.
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