We will begin accepting reservation starting January 1st 2022

We plan to open for the 2022 season on June 24, 2021. As there remains much uncertainty we plan to continue to follow our Covid-19 protocols for now. As things change we will adjust.  We will continue to post updated information both here and on our   Face Book page  “Northwood Cabins” (See link to the right).  #WeWillBeHereADK

Sit back, relax, and discover the Adirondacks with us at Northwood Cabins. Located one mile east of Tupper Lake on Route 30 we are  your gateway to the Western High Peaks.  Enjoy the fresh Adirondack breezes from your own front porch or a peaceful early morning paddle from one of the many boat launches located near us.

Our Adirondack cabins provide a nostalgic experience with all the modern amenities.  The  cabins sleep 2-4 people, have their own private bathroom and all linens are provided.  Also all of our cabins  are equipped with AC/heat, refrigerators,  flat screen TV’s with cable  and have wifi access. Two cabins offer full kitchens and a separate bedroom.

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6 days ago

Northwood Cabins
Maybe I was just born under the wrong sign. This one hurts. With all the rain this week we had a couple of sections of the sign flickering. This is usually due to water or bugs interfering with the contacts. It went on for a couple of days so we decided to clean up the contacts and get it working. We found the problem,pulled the glass, and cleaned off the corrosion. We (me) we’re just finishing up when I slipped. I hit the “ncy” of Vacancy and broke it with my knee. At the same time I was installing the “NS” of Cabins and broke that as well. A two’fer. We have the west side fully lit. From the east it may be a little confusing. We have “Vaca” at the “Northwood CABI”. And that’s the way it will stay till next year. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Northwood Cabins
"Hey...What's your sign?"Our sign has been the topic of our posts all week. It's broken... now it's's a nice painting someone did.. We love it as much as everyone else, but we would like to think we are more than just our sign. Take this week for example, this week we are all about our garage door. We must be making progress because "replace garage door" was pretty far down on our To Do List.We have had problems for some time with the garage. Over the years the driveway along with the road has risen. The garage floor now sits 2 or 3 inches below the driveway resulting in water flooding after heavy rain. Add to this a ve4y old overhead door which was the wrong size to begin with. To fix this was going to require a bit of work. First we removed the old concrete apron which had heaved and cracked. Once this was removed we dug a trench and added drain tile in front of the opening. We removed more rock and roots than actual dirt. We replaced this with a new threshold made of pressure treated lumber. We found that the floor was 1.5' lower right to left. We also discovered the opening was out of square by 2" on 7 feet so that was reframed as well. Once this was done we had an opening 93"X76" which is not even close to a standard door, so custom built was the only option. We chose locally sourced lumber from Specialty Wood Products, Inc., a saw mill in Bloomingdale. Very good lumber at an equally good price. An added bonus they are located right behind Hex & Hop.We chose "Fence Grade '' rough cut red cedar which we milled ourselves to save a little bit of money and make the project more challenging. We are pleased with the results and are now awaiting the next big rain storm to see if all this work will pay off.Next on the 'To Do List' is adding indoor plumbing to Cabin 6....on second thought maybe next year. ... See MoreSee Less
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