or American Pickers eat your hearts out.

The first memory of the Northwood Cabins I have is of the sign.  I passed by this sign since as long as I can remember.  As a  kid the sign at the Northwood Cabins told me that we were almost to Fish Creek, where we would spend the best 10 days of the summer. Later it was a landmark on my way to Plattsburgh if we took the “scenic” way back to school.  Later still it was there to mark our passage to other adventures with our own children. It’s was a little worn and tired but nothing a good tune up couldn’t fix.

To our surprise this was not the only sign we inherited with the Northwood Cabins  when we became the new owners  last year. As we explored the property and started to sort things out we came across a number of signs that had been used over the years.  Most of them are now on display in the main house or scattered throughout the cabins. We were even able to add a new “old” sign to the mix.  As a retirement gift we were presented with a custom made sign from Modern Decay of Buffalo . It now sits on the mantel above the fireplace in the Main House.

What made it   even more special, is that during visits with some of the grandchildren of the original owners  the La Portes they were able to  share the history of some of  the signs.

“Reduced Rates” which now hangs above the fireplace  in Cabin One was put out after Labor Day.  This was long  before the advent of  “Leaf Peepers”  who now fill the cabins  during the fall.  “Breakfast”  announced that it  was served  in the main house laid out on the piano that sat in the corner.  “$5.00 a Couple” was a great deal along with the expectation that you had to show a marriage certificate if you wanted to rent a cabin.  “$13 a Couple” indicated that even the Adirondacks were not immune to inflation.  ‘Air Conditioned”, “Information North Pole, NY” these are self explanatory, but there is one mystery that no one can answer.

But there was one sign that even they  had never seen.  Above the door to our office rests “6 Miles to–” to where,  we don’t know for sure.  Maybe Fish Creek which is six miles from our front door,  or maybe it’s a place waiting  to be discovered by one of our guests.