We  closed for a  few days in late September for “maintenance” and headed for the hills.
We took the opportunity to do some field research and could  report back that the leaves were nearing peak. We traveled into the Five Pond Wilderness for three nights. Cool, bordering on cold nights, gave way to sunny warm days. Perfect hiking weather. The only glitch was the wildlife, not moose or bear or loons, no…mice and chipmunks.
The mice problem has been an issue throughout the summer in the Park. We have seen reports of campers at Fish Creek arriving home to find them in their campers. Hikers at the Corey’s Rd parking lot have come out to find they had eaten the snacks they left in the car. We even have a chipmunk living under Cabin 2. Out in the Five Ponds they are well feed and organized.
Our first night found us camped at a nice spot along the river and they got into Marcy’s pack eating some of her kibbles. The next night they enjoyed my buddy’s protein bars, along with his Seal Line dry bag. My turn came the following night when the chipmunks got me at the High Falls LT #1, a whole bag of trail mix gone, as well as a hole in my food bag.
Understand these bags were hung properly, something I have done hundreds of times and have never had one let alone three incidents of rodent thievery. These are some kind of super mice.
Still a small price to pay to spend four beautiful Autumn days in the Adirondacks. We hit all the “High” lights…High Rock, High Falls, along with The Five Ponds. The evidence of the ’95 storm is still very much there. Massive trees uprooted by the hundreds. Also saw some forest giants, trees 15 feet in diameter shooting easily over 100 feet tall.
On the way out we took the Leary Trail for the first time. It was easy to find and well marked with a mix of old DEC markers and soup can lids painted blue. Thank you to whoever did that.