I’ll Never Stop Cairn For You

According to Wikipedia: "A cairn is a human-made pile (or stack) of stones. A cairn is so much more then that.  A cairn is a road sign along the trail.   A  marker indicating arrival at your destination.  It can serve as a warning as to some hidden danger.  It can be  a memorial to [...]

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Well, that was a little disappointing.

Fire Towers...F-I-R-E Towers. I have to be honest  you,  I was more then a little bit let down when I saw my first Adirondack Fire Tower.  With a name like that I expected to see a  tower... on fire.  You know flames shooting in the air,  showers of sparks in the night,  that sort of [...]

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Once around the Sewards.

There seems to be a sweet spot which lies  somewhere  between Labor Day and when the leaves start to turn.  It is  when things slow down a bit,  and  as  William Chapman White  describes in  his book Adirondack Country: “On one day lakes are alive and noisy, camps are filled, and every tourist cabin taken. [...]

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