Continuing with our round of “A”‘s we headed down to Newcomb to do a Veteran’s Day hike up to the Mt. Adams Fire Tower, at least that was the plan. Temps were in the 20’s with  no snow so we thought we would have a  shot to make it to the top without traction aid.  No such luck , no ice, just really slick rock at the top which made climbing. not impossible, just too treacherous to be fun. We turned around just before the top, because  in the words of Ernest Shackleton when asked by his wife why he turned around only 90 miles from the South Pole, “I thought you’d rather have a live donkey then a dead lion”.  We stopped and  had a nice lunch break  in the relative warmth of the old observer’s cabin before heading out. We had passed this way just the month before on our way to Allen, but did not have time to stop so we thought it would be worth the look. There are some old photos and write ups about the cabin pinned to the wall.  Lastly,  on our way  out we  stopped  at the Upper Works and were shocked to see that all but the McNaughton Cabin was  in the process of being torn down. Necessary due to their condition, but sad just the same. Passing of an era. On the way home we stopped at Growler and Grub in Long Lake for a bite to eat. Warm and inviting little place,  well worth the stop.

That pretty much covers the “A” s for us having already done Arab , Algonquin and Armstrong  in the past.  Sorry  Averill and Azure you will have to wait your turn.